Vaijnath Patil

Born on 29th July, 1938 in agricultural family at Hakyala village of Aurad Taluk,as a son of the couple Shri Sangappa and Smt.Chimanabai Goudthi, Shri Vaijana Patil is a personification of simplicity and gentleness. Right from the beginning he has committed himself to the cause of social service. Influenced by the political philosophy of sarvodaya leader Loknayak Shri Jayaprakasha Narayan,Shri Vaijanath Patil is committed to politics of principles.

The field of activity of Shri Vaijanath Patil remained Chincholi taluk of Gulbarga district and was the member of legislative council from 1984 to 1990 .For the first time in 1985 as a horticulture Minister in Shri Ramakrishna Hegde’s Cabinet he strived for all-rounder development of the Hyderabad Karnataka Region. When injustice was done to this region, he has sacrificed the post of Minister and proved his commitment and selflessness .Again in 1994 he was elected as the member of legislative Assembly, became a Cabinet Minister in Shri Devaraj Urs’Cabinet and ably discharged his duties .In 2004 he was re-elected to the Assembly of Karnataka.

Known as the fearless fighter for the implementation of the article 371(J),Shri Vaijanath Patil struggled hard for the all-round development of the Hyderabad Karnataka region especially when injustice is done to this area in the field of education ,employment and agriculture .In 1990 he placed and passed the private bill in the government headed by Shri J.H.Patil and constantly struggled hard and succeeded in getting the article 371(J) implemented .In 1996-97 he travelled neighbouring Mumbai and Hyderabad Karnataka region and for the implementation of reservation in professional courses for students of this areas ,he submitted a detailed report to the then Chief Minister Shri J.H.Patil and succeeded in getting justice to the students.

Until the state government forms the rules under the article 371(J) ,which is evitable for the development of Hyderabad Karnataka region ,In order to stay all the appointments in the state government he staged satyagraha being in the forefront along with thousand of activists at the freedom park at Bangalore and succeeded in getting the order .Likewise by demanding a separate state for this region and by his untiring effort and struggle he succeed in implementing Dr.D.M.Nanjundppa committees report .

Considering his yeoman service to the society the Gulbarga University conferred honorary doctorate to Shri Vaijanath Patil during its 31st Annual Convocation

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